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The offside rule in soccer in some cases brings relief to the participants but in some cases it makes them feel regretful. So let’s find out with JILIASIA why it brings such indescribable emotions with the following useful content.

What does the offside rule in soccer mean?

What does the offside rule in soccer mean?

In professional football matches, you often hear the word “offside” but very few people know what it is. Perhaps because of the richness that this sport brings, a large number of people register to play betting. The offside rule is always applied in major football tournaments such as the Italian football tournament, the English Premier League…

When was the offside law introduced?

The offside rule was first introduced in the late 18th century when English schools began playing football. Offside is a law drafted and announced by FIFA, and it is the 11th law in the Laws of the Game. Its content is intended to increase fairness in the game and create diverse gameplay for the match.

Specifically, this is a situation that soccer players often get into when they receive the ball to attack on the opponent’s field but there is only the goalkeeper in front, without any other players from the opposing team, or there is In other words, receiving the ball while standing behind the opposing team’s defenders.

The offside rule in Philippine football

In the Philippines, some people often confuse “Offside” and “Offside”, but in football, there is only the “Offside Rule”, while offside is due to Vietnamese people’s mispronunciation. In addition, when watching international matches, offside is called by the English name OFFSIDE, so every time this word appears on the screen, it is an offside error.

How to determine if there is an offside violation in football

How to determine if there is an offside violation in football

The offside law is constantly changed and updated according to the regulations of the World Football Federation and other countries. That’s why it’s difficult for viewers to determine which cases actually violate the law. To clarify further, JILIASIA has compiled cases of violation and cases of non-violation of the offside law for you below.

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Case of violating the offside rule in 11-a-side football

The first thing you need to know is the offside positions in football. Those positions must meet the following conditions:

The player has a position standing on the opposing team’s side of the field

The player has a standing direction to attack the opposing team’s goal

The player is directly involved in that ball

Between the player and the opposing team’s end line, there are less than 2 players from the opposing team.

A player is determined to be offside and penalized if at that time they touch or receive the ball passed by a teammate but are only standing above the opposing team’s goalkeeper. Specifically, they actively participate in that ball in the form of participating in the ball situation, obstructing opposing players or taking advantage in an offside situation.

These situations will be observed by the line referee, who will be responsible for determining the offside error of the players. However, in some cases, the balls are deployed very quickly, the linesman will not have time to observe. That requires technological intervention, which is VAR technology.

In case the player is not offside

In some special cases such as receiving the ball from throw-ins, corner kicks or goal kicks, even though the player is in a position that is determined to be offside, he will not be caught offside. These cases are designed to give an advantage to the team that receives the kickoff or corner kick, helping to create a fair position for the match.

Illustration of the best case of an offside trap

Illustration of the best case of an offside trap

The match MU vs Arsenal in the recent 2023/24 Premier League season received a lot of controversy from many brothers because of this offside situation. Specifically, Arsenal player Gabriel Magalhaes made an excellent save when he braked in front of Garnacho, making MU’s goal invalid due to an offside error.


The offside rule in soccer has been provided to you by JILIASIA in detail with specific examples. Understanding the offside rule will help you easily identify ball situations without having to wait anxiously for a decision from the referee.

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