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What is basketball betting? How to play this sport effectively to make money easily is a common concern of many bettors. Let’s find out with JILIASIA in the article below!

What is basketball betting?

What is basketball betting?

Basketball betting is a type of betting in which players use money to bet on the basketball team they predict will win the match.

Normally, betting on this sport will be based on the odds given by the bookmaker and the lineup and performance of the basketball teams to determine the top team and the bottom team.

Basketball rules

An NBA/NBL match must last a minimum of 43 minutes. As for other basketball tournaments, the match must last at least 35 minutes. If a match is postponed after the above minimum time has been reached and is not resumed within 12 hours of the start, bets will be settled based on the score at the time of suspension. stop the match, regardless of whether the match restarts after 12 hours or not.

Round-based bets are still valid while a match has not ended or been interrupted, provided the rounds have been completed. For example, if in the 3rd half, the match is postponed, the bets for the 1st and 2nd halves will still remain the same.

For bets on the entire match, bets on the total of the last 2 halves or the last half must include the score of the overtime period if any.

Forms of basketball betting

Forms of basketball betting

Bookmakers have offered many different forms of online basketball betting so you can freely choose the form of betting according to your needs. Currently, popular forms of betting are:

Moneyline Betting

Is a form of predicting the final result of the match, that is, the winning team. This is a fairly simple form of betting with the winning rate determined to be 50/50.

Handicap bet

In a match, one team may receive a handicap before the match to create balance. Normally, the handicap will be added to the actual score of the weaker team after the match ends. The team with the higher total score after adding the handicap will be considered the winning team.

Bet Over/Under

Over/Under betting (or Over/Under betting) is a form of predicting the total score of a match, to see whether the actual total score will be higher or lower than the score given by the bookmaker. If it is predicted that the actual total score will be higher than the bookmaker’s score, the player bets on Over/Over. Conversely, if it is predicted that the actual total score will be lower than the bookie’s score, the player bets on Under/Under.

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Even/Odd bets

Even/Odd bets

Is a form of predicting whether the total score of the whole match will be odd or sure. The player bets on whether the total score is even or odd and the result of this basketball bet is determined by the actual total score after the match ends.

Future bets

This type of bet is often placed before the season starts. The player’s task is to choose the best team of the season. For example, betting on the winner of the play-off match, betting on the champion or the best player of the tournament (MVP). These types of bets are extremely difficult, but the rewards will be extremely high.

Special forms of basketball betting:

Betting on the player scoring the most points: This is a form of betting to predict which player will score the most points in a match or each half. This requires players to know outstanding players and their performance to make predictions.

Betting on the team that shoots the most 3-pointers: In this form, players bet on the team they believe will have the most 3-pointers (also known as “three-pointers”) in the match. This requires players to know teams with good 3-point shooting records and the strategies used in the match.

Betting on the team to score 20 points first: In this form, players bet on the team that they believe will score 20 points first compared to the opponent. This is a way to predict a team that has a good start and is likely to score points quickly.

These special types of bets create excitement and provide opportunities for players to apply their knowledge and analysis to make predictions. However, it should be noted that the results may not be easily predictable and should be considered carefully before placing bets.

Hopefully, the information shared in the article helps you know how to play basketball betting and improve your chances of winning. I hope you have relaxing and fun gaming moments!

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