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Futsal football is a hot game, sought after by many people recently. With simple gameplay, not requiring many conditions, along with excitement and bustle on the field. Futsal has truly conquered sports enthusiasts around the world. Today, JILIASIA would like to introduce to you the origin and how to clear this cool game.

Overview of basic knowledge of Futsal football

Overview of basic knowledge of Futsal football

Futsal is a type of soccer that is very popular around the world, from America to Asia. Its official name in Portuguese is “futebol de salão”, which means indoor football. With a small number of participants and a small playing space, Futsal is a suitable choice for those who like football.

Futsal football first appeared in the 1930s and received a lot of positive responses from everyone. It was not until 1958 that the Brazilian Sports Federation officially included Futsal in the sports list and set the rules for this subject.

Until now, this football game has developed greatly with countless tournaments being organized. These include major competitions such as the World Futsal Championship – FIFUSA, FIFA Futsal World Cups, AMF Tournament,… All of them were warmly welcomed by fans and rushed to register to watch. competitions.

Futsal football and some rules you don’t know

Futsal football and some rules you don't know

To play Futsal, you should first master some basic knowledge of the rules of the game. Since appearing and becoming famous, this game has been issued regulations by the International Football Federation to comply with the allowed framework.

Number of players and layout of each person

Each team participating in Futsal consists of 5 players, including 1 goalkeeper and 4 players in positions on the field. In addition, the team also has a number of reserve players to replace the main players when necessary. Unlimited substitutions have made the game of Futsal more comfortable and flexible.

The positions of the football game in this arena are regulated by clear rules, with names coming from Portugal. A goleiro, also known as a goalkeeper, is the person who catches the ball and keeps the goal. 1 fixo is a defender or center back, who will play below, near the goalkeeper, 2 alae are wing center backs standing on both sides, responsible for passing the ball. A striker named pivo will play the main role, creating goals for the team.

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Indoor soccer competition time

With a small scale, this game also has not much playing time. If one half of regular soccer is 45 minutes, then for Futsal it is only 20 minutes. Therefore, the players placed on the field must seize the opportunity and show their best to bring a glorious goal to the team.

In addition, at the end of each half, both sides will discuss whether to replace players, change positions or not? This is extremely important, helping both sides anticipate the situation and come up with new tactics. Besides, the halftime break is 15 minutes like normal sports games.

Start a standard Futsal soccer match

A Futsal match takes place when both teams have gone through the procedure of selecting a field and fully prepared everything. The referee’s whistle sounds and the ball is thrown and time begins to count. The two teams will compete for the ball and kick the opponent’s goal until time runs out.

At the end, the team that scores more goals will win the match. But if both players cannot score, the referee will allow an extra round. In addition, during play, Futsal also takes place corner kicks and penalty kicks, depending on the player’s violation.

Some experiences when playing Futsal football 

Some experiences when playing Futsal football 

Mini-soccer is considered a subject that brings curiosity and excitement to many people who are passionate about this game. For those who have been through it many times, I’m sure you have a basic grasp of how to play, but for newbies, it will take a bit of time to learn.

You should learn more ways to kick and new skills from your predecessors and practice diligently. Only spending time on the field will bring you the best results. Moreover, watch many matches of legends such as Falcao, Ricardinho, Eder Lima, Ferrao,…


With the information JILIASIA has brought, I believe that you also partly understand the attraction of Futsal football game. This is truly a game that is not only entertaining but also helps you practice your health and technique on the field. And this is also a worthy sport for you to choose to have fun in your free time.

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