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There are many terms in football. One of those terms is OG. Recently, the online community has been admiring OG. To help fans and football lovers have a correct view of this concept, Jiilievo will reveal basic information about it.

What is OG in football?

Football is considered the ultimate technological sport. It is pursued by a large number of players and watched by tens of thousands of fans. Football always receives the most comments, compliments, and debates among all sports.

What is OG in football?

Like other sports, football has rules, terminology, and vocabulary. We need time to learn all those terms. What is OG in football? This term is considered the most subtle and taboo in football matches.

OG is the abbreviation for Own Goal; if translated into Vietnamese, it is understood as own goal. Own goal is a form of taboo in any soccer match. In the country’s football industry, a player who scores an own goal will be considered a criminal and must suffer a costly penalty for that action.

Causes of OG in football

In all head-to-head football matches, scoring goals concedes the opponent’s goal and the action that any team wants to take forward. Goals can be created from many different situations; each goal is also recognized by the referee. So what causes one’s own goals?

Causes of OG in football

Personal negligence

One of the leading causes of OG in football is the player’s negligence. Sometimes, due to psychological pressure, players may perform incorrect actions, such as kicking or heading the ball, eventually leading to their own goal. This incident usually occurs when a player tries removing the ball from a dangerous area.

Opponent pressure

At times, pressure from opposing players can cause players to make quick and unconsidered decisions. Opponents can create tense situations by attacking hard, creating instability, and forcing players to react hastily, leading to scoring their own goals.


Randomness is always an inevitable part of football. Any situation can lead to OG, including free kicks, corner kicks, or random interactions in the penalty area.

Football betting

One of the main causes of own goals is participating in betting lines, which is prohibited in football. If a player is found to have scored an own goal, he will receive appropriate punishment from the organizing committee and the home football federation.

Penalty when a player scores his own goal

When a player scores his own goal in a soccer match, the penalty often applies not only to the individual but can also affect the team. Therefore, the form of punishment when the football federation issued OG was extremely expensive.

Penalty when a player scores his own goal

When a player scores an own goal in a soccer match, it is an unpleasant experience. Suffering and regret filled their souls. The game had just begun, and this incident had created a worrying weakness for their team. The causes of OG can be negligence, psychological pressure, or even coincidence, but the consequences are often dire.

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First of all, players will undoubtedly face self-responsibility. They often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable after the OG recording situation. This self-responsibility can last after the game and affect their mood as they advance.

Immediate punishment may include pressure from teammates and coaches. At times, they may face criticism and pressure from fans and media. Players must accept responsibility and find the best way to deal with this pressure.

However, more serious consequences can appear during the match. OG can completely change the game’s flow and give the opponent an advantage. It can make the OG scorer’s team strive harder to regain the match or score an equalizing goal.

If OG affects the overall outcome of the match, the players and team may be under great pressure from fans, themselves, and team leaders. This can lead to a loss of trust and affect the player’s future in the team’s squad.

What is OG in football? The penalty for players scoring their own goals has been answered. To overcome that situation, players must absolutely practice their skills and thinking.

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