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Many people are interested in how to play Uno because this game is very interesting. Once you understand how Uno card game plays, you will understand its appeal. Below, Jilievo will provide detailed answers to facilitate players’ entertainment.

Introducing the Uno card game

Introducing the Uno card game

Uno is one of the most attractive Board Game genres today. It attracts a large number of participants with high entertainment standards. Typically, the element is simple, allowing for multiplayer play and many new experiences.

Members will have access to Uno cards, including numbers and features for this game. Number cards are divided into separate colors: blue, red, purple, yellow, etc. When participating, players only need to play a card with the same color as the previous turn. Victory is determined when someone runs out of cards; then they will win a prize.

Instructions on how to play Uno

Board game Uno is one of the attractive genres loved by many people today. However, not everyone clearly understands the rules of this game. Therefore, “newcomers” should follow the information below and apply it to the game:

Rules of Uno cards

First, players must understand Uno cards’ rules before they can bet money. Uno’s turn will take place by intercepting the opponent’s path. The goal that participants aim for is to release all the cards they are holding, especially cards with features. Accordingly, the properties of each card include the following information:

Cards of the same color: This way of playing means that when your opponent plays a color, you need to play a card of the same color. However, what is more accessible than other card games is that the cards played do not need to be of greater value. The essential condition to continue without drawing more cards is the same color.

Cards of the same number: If you have a card with the same number and a different color from the previous card, you can also play down. Then, the next turn will apply according to the color of the card just played.
Cards with special features: In Uno, many cards have unique features. When hitting down, this feature will apply to the next player.

Features of cards in Uno

As shared, Uno cards have features that will play an attractive role for players. Usually, they force the next person to draw a new number of cards. This causes problems for the opponent, especially those who only have one card left in their hand. Some features in Uno that you should not ignore include:

Features of cards in Uno
  • Additional drawn card: The symbols on the card are +2 and +4, which correspond to the card the next person must draw. Particularly for the +4 card in Uno, the player can choose the color for the next turn.
  • Card loses turn: The symbol on this card consists of a circle with a slash. When playing, the next player is not allowed to play any more cards. The game will still take place for the member in the next position. Playing a card with the loss-of-turn feature usually applies when a member is about to run out of cards.
  • Color-changing card: There are four color boxes: red, blue, green, and yellow, for the player to choose from. Usually, they will choose the color according to the number of cards they have in hand.
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Rules for determining winning and losing in Uno

In addition to the functions of Uno card game, players need to understand how to determine wins and losses in the game. This will help you avoid making mistakes when participating in an online Board Game for the first time. Specifically, when someone lowers their cards, the remaining members’ points are determined as follows:

Rules for determining winning and losing in Uno

Number cards: The scoring method for number cards is the same regardless of color. That means keeping the number displayed on that card unchanged, applied to cards from 0 to 9.
20-point feature card: Includes a +2 drawing card, a reversed card, and a forbidden move. At that time, one card will be counted as 20 points if two or more cards are counted as 40 points.
Feature card 50 points: Points are assigned to the card that changes color, the drawn card adds +4.

Accordingly, the higher the player’s score in this scoring round, the more likely he is to lose. In general, feature cards will have the highest value in a Uno game. Therefore, when playing cards, take the opportunity to release +2, +4 cards, color-changing cards, direction-changing cards, etc.

The information shared by Jilievo has helped you better understand how to play Uno. Accordingly, players who grasp the nature, rules, and scoring rules will have convenient entertainment. This gives you a transparent, safe entertainment experience with this Board game. Learn more about how to play betting to help each player make accurate online investment decisions.

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